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Grow – on becoming our best selves

This started as an Instagram post and “grew” into this…

Stagnation for myself or other people who I witness leaves me feeling sad and concerned. We are going to change. That much is a given, so why not direct the change in our lives towards growth?

As you can probably imagine, what I mean by growth is becoming the best person I can be: growing my kindness, compassion, generosity, and care; protecting those who are unable to protect themselves; learning; improving; and so on.

Seriously, why not grow into the best possible version of me?


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One thing that I’ve learned in my decades on this earth: change for the better does not come cheap. I have to be willing to give energy, attention, intention, and focus to becoming my best self.

There are many ways to enliven the possibilities for becoming better. It doesn’t hurt to change the outside. I can get a different job, divorce, remarry, or move to the country. While these may be helpful in certain situations, they do not guarantee that I’ll act with kindness and charity.

Changing from the inside is more likely to be the way to certain change for the better. When I shift my insides, my whole perspective grows with my becoming.


Any time that I think about growing as a person, I notice my gratitude for my teachers and mentors. They are too many to name here, but I invite you to consider all of the people who have contributed to your growth. How have they influenced you and how have you shown your appreciation?

In addition to naming my mentors whenever it seems appropriate, I also reach out to my friends who have helped me. Many of them are also my neighbors, but others I no longer have any way to contact. I hope they hear my inner voice whispering, “Thank you”.

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