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passwords for positive change

The direction of your focus is the direction your life will move. Let yourself move toward what is good, valuable, strong and true. ~ Ralph Marston

I know that there have been a few posts about this going around the ether and recognize that this is “one more post” on using passwords for positive change. I see that as a good thing. When a positive idea becomes more widely accepted and practiced, it proves that it is a worthwhile effort. (And not the reverse.) In fact, it was a friend of mine posting one of these articles  that led me to write this blog.

Like most people who use technology, I’ve had dozens or maybe even hundreds of Passwords for Positive Changepasswords within recent memory. I do my best to use a different one for each of the web sites and networks I have to log into. And being security-aware means that each of these passwords is created using some sort of mnemonic. Once created, I have to repeatedly enter the password each time I access the network or web site.

For too long, I vented my frustration in my passwords: Th1sSux! URscrewed. And so on. And because I had to use these passwords once or multiple times per day and then repeat them again for weeks on end, I continually reinforced those victim feelings of being stuck and angry at a boss or coworker, but more frequently at myself.

Positive ChangeI don’t remember a day that all of this changed, but as I learned about myself and about how reinforcement works, I started to make a conscious choice to shift this way of thinking by using passwords geared towards what I want to create in my life: creativity, love, compassion, helpfulness, expecting the best, and positive change. So, my passwords were both a reflection of the positive change in my life and a repository for the transformative and progressive path I was seeking. Do you see the concept or word(s) behind each password?

  • K1ndn3s8 (kindness)
  • Nvgr8life! (invigorate life!)
  • RaD8Luv; (radiate love)
  • S:iwrU4h (Smile: it will remind yoU you’re happy)
  • Giwi@9ways (Gratitude is where it’s at always)

And now, thanks to this post, I can never use these passwords again. 🙂

How do you reinforce the good in your life and move yourself towards your positive goals? Please add your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

Playful blessings,


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  1. Followed this link from Twitter. I start every morning by telling myself… “Today is my favorite day”. 🙂

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