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Poem 5 - choice

Poem 5 – an #improv #poem

Each morning I choose:
Yesterday’s choice was
The Blues.
I ate blues for breakfast
And lunch.
No nutrition at all.
A negative impact, in fact.

Last night, I had dinner
With a friend.
We talked about our jobs,
Our longings,
Our lack of self-care.
We challenged ourselves
To start our days in
A new way.

Poem 5 - choiceThis morning, I chose
The tempo of the body.
But then, I pushed it
Just a touch —
That bit of energizing,
Enlivening, go-for-it-now
Sort of touch.

And the difference
Between yesterday’s choice
And today’s
Is so stark
That I barely recognize
The “me” that I created
The day before.

~ improvised (spontaneously composed, unedited) by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2010, 2019 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

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