(Happy New) Year In Review

2019 in review – thanks for your support

One word summary: wow! As I look at the year 2019 in review, it has been filled with so many changes. More than anything else, I want to say “thank you” to you! If you’re reading this, it means that in some way you are supporting the music and writings that I share here. I appreciate you so much.

VIPs are Very Impressive Patrons

Among the tops in my book are the people in the muz4now VIP club. These awesome people support the music here with annual or monthly contributions that allow me to “keep the lights on”. And you all definitely are the lights in my life. Thank you! Without you, there would be very little to have “in review”.

Naturally, I appreciate lots of people who have chosen other avenues to support the music I make. You have listened to music on the many streaming services, downloaded it, shared links to my blog or music with your friends, and so much more. Thank you for your support.

Listening In Review

Thanks for listening to music. I know that lots of people listen to lots of music. And that makes it even more of an honor when you happen to listen to music I’ve created and recorded. There are tons of places to listen to music as well. I’ll just share the top plays from a few select streaming services; specifically, the ones that give artists (like me) an easy way to tell which tracks you listened to the most.

BandCamp In Review

My favorite streaming (and downloading) service is BandCamp. It is a great musician resource that I’ve written about several times here. Thanks to their highly functional and versatile resources, I can easily report that these were the top five songs you listened to there:

  1. Freeze and Thaw (Snow Day)
  2. Night Out
  3. Wreakless (Cranberries mix)
  4. Oh Deer!
  5. Sweet Love

Since “Freeze and Thaw” is the track that queues up for Snow Day Suite (and from the statistics provided by BandCamp), I know that this EP was one of the most-listened-to albums. Thanks for that affirmation of instrumental music.

I was not surprised to see Wreakless in the top-five. It’s one of my favorite songs to share, so I’m glad that it’s also a favorite of you listeners, too! The inclusion of three piano improvisations from “What The Wreck?” was surprising to me: “Night Out”, “Oh Deer!”, and “Sweet Love”. I feel a little teary-eyed thinking of your incredible support when my wife and I came through that car crash.

Other Streaming Services

After BandCamp, Spotify and Apple Music make it easiest (so far) for me to see how many times you listened to various tracks. (Don’t worry: I can’t tell it’s you! Just that someone listened.) Between these two streaming music giants, the music of muz4now was heard in over 60 countries and by many 1000s of listeners. Thanks for being among them!

“Dancing With A Stranger” from InterPlayful was number 1 with Spotify and 2nd on Apple Music.

Both major streaming services include tracks (notably, “Brother James’ Aire” and “Be Thou My Vision”) from Old Hymns for a New Age.

And Painting Piano is also featured (“Other Worlds” is number 1 on Apple Music and several other tracks feature on both top-tens).

Dream This also features in the top five: “Love Is On Repeat” on Spotify…

…and “Beatcity (Radio Edit)” on Apple Music.

Shazam This

One thing that’s fun for musicians is to see which tracks people Shazamed. In other words, they heard a song that wasn’t familiar, but they wanted to know what it is. When you’re in a restaurant or any place that plays music, you can use the Shazam app to “listen” to the song and identify it. The app will even give you the links on Apple Music so that you can download it or play it again.

The most “Shazamed” tracks from muz4now were:

  1. Rest You Merry
  2. Ice (Snow Day Suite)
  3. All Creatures (Old Hymns for a New Age)
  4. Down the Dawn Way (from Disappointment and Delight)
  5. Do You Hear What I Hear? (See #1 above to play this track.)
  6. Sescape
YouTube player
“Sescape” is the soundtrack on this video

Changes In Review

A lot has changed this year. One big shift is that I changed day jobs from a part-time delivery service to a full-time employee in an information technology position. While I look forward to continuing to make music, I’m still finding a balance between all the things I love and am committed to in my life. Thanks for your continued support whatever the future looks like.

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