Trio: Cello

Poem 0157: Cello

Bow caresses strings just so. Responsive, they begin instantly to sing. At first, it is the ears that listen. Soon, […]

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Trio: Cello

#Poem – musical parts

Wind whistles trees, Caverns, Trestles, And houses along Its way. It carries its part well. It knows it by heart […]

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jazz poem

#Poem – jazz

Jazz is this intellectual Sort of jive where I Have to think Or go completely numb. Either and neither Will […]

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guitar music making

#Poem – flash

Inspiration is exceptional. Do not take it for granted. I awoke in a thick sweat, Though our bedroom still Had […]

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Heart Leaps

#Poem – magic

someone told me that there’s magic about the year 2012. i don’t know if i believe in magic, because i’m […]

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Rain (bow)

#Poem – chimes

Heavy winds have brought Winter’s cold to us in recent days. The chill hurtles through the trees And then through […]

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Feel Music :)


I performed for the first time with Penn Strings on Sunday.  It was great.  We had a kind of simple […]

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piano improv

easy focus

video movement meditation…

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“She sees everyone who has shared their pain with her bathed in warmth and love.”

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HollyHock Sunset (Circle Singing)

circle singing and being open-hearted

Singing greases the wheel of desire that’s been waiting to roll out.

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