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Title page for "Be Kind" from Piano Plus Suite music video

Be Kind – a music video from Piano Plus Suite

Some people see music. But not everyone. For us, there are music videos.


Kindness is always underrated. That’s why artists like me continue to remind ourselves and our audience about it. What can you do today to be kind to someone else?

Do you see the kindness in this video? How do the images inform what you hear? In any case, thanks for listening and watching.

Some Kind of Kindness

A young person sitting at a table in a library

Meanwhile, I sometimes get carried away with being a recovering serious person. When that happens, I may occasionally get too playful. I didn’t really need the play on words in the original title (“Bee Kind”). But it’s out there in the world now, so I’m stuck with it.

The point is the kindness, not the play on words. So in the music video, I left the extra “e” off.

Of course, if you’d like you to listen to the whole piano improvisation (plus), please do! Here you go:

2 thoughts on “Be Kind – a music video from Piano Plus Suite”

  1. Hi Stan I stumbled on your video and was really moved. I felt a real connection with the 2nd young man in the video. He had some great age and wisdom in his young eyes that gave me a great emotional response. Thanks for the beautiful piece.

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