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Piano Plus Suite cover art

Piano Plus Suite – #improv with a plus

Everything changes. But as a plus, there are threads of similarity within that change. (You might enjoy pressing play and listening while you read the rest of this post.)

Making It Work

I get jazzed by orchestrating music. Whether it’s my own material or those that I create through my arranging service, the development of a musical recording is one of my favorite things to do. Of course, if you’ve been following along here, you already know that.

When I’m working on the arrangement, I try not to get bogged down in the technology. That doesn’t always work, but I must be getting better. Why? Because I found a really good flow in this project.

Making It Play

A yellow rose plus stem lying on a piano keyboard that has many keys coming apart

Since my second album 20 years ago, I have enjoyed layering other instruments in with my piano improvisations. “Disappointment and Delight” was a voyage of inspiration for me. First, I improvised on various pianos over a 10 year period after my first album (“Old Hymns for a New Age“). Then, I transformed those raw piano improvs into recordings. Next, I added synthesizer, guitar, plus percussion layers.

Finally, I designed the cover art with the help of friends and then released a 12-track CD. (Later, when I released this on streaming services, I added a piece named “Vision”.) Since then, I’ve been layering my piano improvisations occasionally.

Making It Plus

A grand piano with the lid up in a dilapidated room with a large window

For my current release, I was intentional about this “piano plus” approach. Even as I created the initial spontaneous compositions, I knew that I would be arranging them with other instruments. The surprise inspiration was when I also decided to arrange some of these pieces without the piano part.

You will decide if that move was smart or not. The pianoless, “just plus” tracks certainly create a different mood. I recommend that you listen to the album starting with number six (“Intrepid (piano improv plus)”. Once you’ve listened to the end, go back to track one and listen to the five “just plus” versions. But that’s just a suggestion.

Thanks for listening!

3 thoughts on “Piano Plus Suite – #improv with a plus”

  1. Actually once piano was very famous but now we miss the sweet sound of it. It’s very good that you are working with piano last ten years . The sound of audio you have shared is very sweet ☺️☺️. Well written ❣️

    1. Very kind of you to say about my musical pieces and writing.
      You are such an accomplished blogger and I truly appreciate connecting with you.

      Best regards,

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