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Pensive #MusicVideo from Mood Swings Suite

Now would be a good time to be pensive. The year 2022 is just underway. So much has happened and changed over the past year or two.

“Pensive” – the final music video from Mood Swings Suite


We’ve endured so much. The COVID-19 pandemic has continued and morphed in ways that I never could have predicted. Friends becoming ill or passing away would be enough to deal with. But the warring madness against science and common decency has frustrated me deeply. If each of us has a little thoughtfulness, we can help protect each other in the face of this virus.

As if that weren’t enough, the last year has provided a few personal challenges: some brought on partly by the pandemic and others I can mostly chalk up to getting older. For example, I now get regular treatments for a wrist that has frequent tension or pain from an injury that is now a few years back. This pain both directs me to be more thoughtful and distracts me from the same.


For these and numerous other reasons, I’ve been quite pensive this past year. Death has been so much in the news that it has also entered into my music. I wroteRequiem for a Stranger” to honor people who died.

There are also a tremendous number of “front line” folks who have been stressed out by the pandemic either directly or indirectly. Though I’m often thinking of medical professionals who have been impacted, there are many other types of jobs that have been pressed into challenging situations by these times. (You’ll see an image specifically about this in the video.)

But I also wanted to capture the other moods of these times. That’s why I created “Mood Swings Suite“. Besides the more subdued emotions, it includes the playful inspiration of tracks like “Whimsy” and a bold sense of passion.


With all the changes life demands, I hope that you will find ways to be thoughtful and pensive. Without introspection we cannot discover ourselves (as individuals or as humanity). And without self-discovery, we cannot become the best people possible.

May your life be filled with thoughtfulness both for yourself and from others.

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