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Finding our way

Long Pandemic – On Finding Our Way

We are finding our way. In my workplace and neighborhood, we’ve been responding to the pandemic for over a year. Reflecting back, it has been a strange year. In addition to some current reflections, I’ll offer you some of my other posts about the pandemic experience from the past year.

Remembering Loved Ones Gone

Finding our way - winter trail

No matter how close it came to me or to you, it’s important for us to grieve. Let’s remember the ones who have died. In the USA, we’ve counted over 550,000 deaths from this virus. Globally, statistics show us approaching 3 million deaths from COVID-19.

My own grief around these losses has moved me to compose “Requiem for a Stranger“. In the coming weeks, I’ll say more about what a requiem is and my inspiration to write this one. This is how I’m finding my way.

Past The One-Year Mark

Finding our way - sunrise trail

We’ve seen so many stories unfold. For example, I still remember vividly how managers asked us to vacate our offices at work; the strange depletions of toilet paper in stores; and how my neighborhood strongly committed to safety. Of course, that was over a year ago now. These sagas and dozens of others have rippled out to have significant impacts on our world. I am concerned every day for the people who are worse off because of these changes.

Still, while we witness huge negative repercussions for individuals and our whole culture, there has been much good, too. The lockdown forced us to be creative about connecting with people we care about. It’s also true that we are finding different ways of seeing everything from occupations to the natural world.

Make It So

Finding our way - autumn trail

As with any inspiration, we have to go after this in order to find our way. Up until now, these newfound changes are circumstance-driven. If we want the good to come from all of these challenges, we must look for the good. And in order for the creative gains to remain, we will have to build on their foundations.

What is inspiring you to solidify the potential gains of the pandemic? Are there steps and slogans that are helpful in finding your way? I’m always interested to know about your inspirations and hope I’ll hear from you.

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