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How are you coping with the #covid pandemic?

The title is almost my whole post today. I want to hear from you. How are you coping during the pandemic?

Creative Ways to Cope

How are you dealing with the losses — ranging from live music to hugging your friends — during shelter-in-place? Please add your comments here or respond on social networks.

What are your creative or practical ways of coping with the headlines? There are so many stories that can seem overwhelming at times: staggering numbers of people with the virus; job losses or instability; political craziness; racial injustice and protest; and so much more.

That’s it. Please send me links, stories, or photos that express how you are coping with the pandemic.


Wishing you the best of health — physical, emotional, mental — in these times. We are learning from this experience and there is much more to learn as the days unfold. Be safe, be well.

10 thoughts on “How are you coping with the #covid pandemic?”

  1. Trying to balance ‘tween becoming over active creatively & w/my fitness routines, and slumping off. The former’s more frequent a problem though vs the latter, lol! Stay well, Stan – vaccines are in the works!

  2. This corona crisis is a time that demands a lot from people. But since there is still no definitive remedy for Corona, there is nothing better than keeping your distance and wearing a mask. I’m going through this time with caution and confidence. People got used to waiting in line very quickly. I would not have expected so much patience. But if the measures are reduced, people become more careless.

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