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Wonky Pondering and It’s In The Post

Is “wonky” the right word for these times? My wife gave me a greeting card that labeled it this way. And today’s blog post is more of a grabbag than usual of what I’m pondering in these wonky times.

Wonky Times

A few years ago, I could not have even imagined a time when I would agree so wholeheartedly with a commercial greeting card that says the world is pretty wonky. But that’s what the recent card from my wife says. I can’t argue with it. Things do seem very weird and unpredictable.

So many of my friends and co-workers are struggling to manage their households and emotions in the face of these strange times. Between the unrest, the pandemic, and job insecurity, too many people that I know are uncertain about their futures. This wonkiness is very unsettling.

Wonky Pondering

Because of all these wonky developments and perhaps like you, I’ve been pondering how best to help my family, friends, our country, and the world we live in. I can’t say that the way ahead is clear to me, but I am finding ways to take action within myself and in my relationships.

So, it seemed fitting to publicly release a piece of music that was previously only available to my VIP supporters. Almost as if I was anticipating these times, I named this instrumental track “Pondering“. Now, it starts with a slightly out-of-tune upright piano that I recorded almost two years ago. Don’t be thrown off by that. The little riff that I improvised on that rather beat-up instrument turned into this pop tune with a fully improvised synthesizer solo over most of it. I like the beat and hope you will, too.

In The Post

One recent bizarre chain of events followed the executive branch of the Federal government of the USA threatening the well-being of our own post office. Now, that’s not even wonky. It’s just weird. But it definitely made me ponder that as well. What kind of crazy logic would allow government officials to even consider deterring a service so crucial to our society and democracy? What would life here be like without the USPS?

Well, you know me: I took it to piano improv, so here is some of my pondering in musical form. I’m also really proud of my wife’s painted illustrations on our mailbox pictured here.

Praying For Sanity

In pandemic times, it’s obviously important to pray for health. In weird political times, it’s crucial to pray for sanity. And in wonky times, may we find the common sense to support those who truly need help and seek the common good.

I hope that each of you is staying connected with friends and family, even if that means doing so with physical distancing. In such wonky times, we need each other.

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