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Opti-Mystic -- the morning sun shine between branches on some trees

Opti-Mystic – Calm Beginnings and Serenity

Serenity is in short supply. In these times of political strangeness and pandemic, many are struggling. Allow this “Opti-Mystic” piano improv video to help in this moment.

Beginning Again

I’ve heard so many people say things like, “If only we could start over” or “I just want things to be back to normal”. About this, I’m not so optimistic. I have very little hope that the old normal will ever return. It may be time to create a new normal.

That’s why I used the image of morning in this video. With the rising of the sun, we have a chance for a new beginning. Perhaps serenity lies in starting over. Now, I feel opti-mystic.

Optimistic Serenity

I never want the sense of calm in this video to be about lulling us to sleep. Morning is about awakening. We have the opportunity to wake up to new possibility.

This serenity is about hope and co-creating. Will you join me and millions to make a better world filled with serenity and love? If we come together in this way, I will remain opti-mystic.

This is the third music video from Piano Plus Suite. The first one was “Be Kind” and the second was “Intrepid”. Please check those out, too. And thanks for your support.

By the way, my fans on BandCamp saw this video and heard this album first. My VIP club saw it before that. Won’t you join us?

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