Snow Story Graveyard

Snow Story video – care for the children

Trigger warning: this video uses images of graveyards and loneliness to raise concerns about caring for children (ending child abuse). […]

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Snow Story Waterfall

Snow Story – song 9 – help a child

Trigger warning: this story and song are about child abuse. Take care of yourself, please. Story Up to this point, […]

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Mountain Rose

The fractal and lyric video for “Mountain Rose”

Lyric Video Resurrected The Radio I’m excited to share with you the video for my eighth song release, “Mountain Rose”. While creating […]

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Drink In

7th song: “Drink In” singing thinking dreams

The answers are questions. We can choose to drink whatever life puts into our glass. What I mean by that […]

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love is on repeat

Love Is On Repeat – 6th singer-songwriter release

Repeat My sixth singer-songwriter release is “Love Is On Repeat”. After several delays, I’m really happy to be offering this […]

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Earth. Quake.

Quake – a song revisited

Earthquake “Quake“: Yes, this song was inspired by a real earthquake. I’ve written previously about that experience and how it […]

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We All Have Our Own Dreams – beatcity 4th song release

Dreams are only thoughts you didn’t have time to think about during the day. ~ author unknown Songs of Dreams […]

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Slow Go

Drag – why slow is still “go”

Slow By this morning, I was supposed to be releasing my new song track. It is still in pre-release. As […]

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Open Heart

Squid – Look All Around – 3rd song release

Stories: Squid Some stories are easier to tell than others. It seems that many of my songs have vulnerable tales […]

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Confession to Compassion

Confession:Reflection – 2nd singer-songwriter release from Stan Stewart

My second singer-songwriter release is “Confession:Reflection”. Over the years, this has been one of my most popular original songs when […]

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