She Is Change by Tracee Vetting Wolf

She Is Change – #art collaboration with @VettingWolf

As you know if you’ve been reading this blog, I have found the art journal paintings of Tracee Vetting Wolf […]

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Heart and Mind in Music

the heart and mind of music

In music one must think with the heart and feel with the brain. ~George Szell Perhaps best known for “building […]

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Old Hymns For A New Age – #piano #improv re-release

Sometime in the Summer of 1991, John Bennison encouraged me to create a set of recordings of piano improvisations. We talked about […]

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Mount Rainier

Life and Oh, “G” moments – #piano #improv

Life and Thoughts Creating Reality Though I believe in the power of thought and know that we create our own […]

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Feel Music

How You Make Them Feel

Maya Angelou said “People will forget what you said, what you did, but people will never forget how you made […]

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May Day piano improv: Sunset and loveliness

This is the third of three piano improvs from May 1, 2014. First, there was “Early (Part 1)“. In it […]

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Mouse and Elephant

May Day piano improv: Mouse and Elephant

When I was teaching piano lessons in Pennsylvania, I had a student who was a truly inspired young lad. In […]

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piano improv

May Day piano improv: Early (part 1)

Yesterday, I sat down for the first time in many days and improvised on the piano. You see: piano improv […]

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Feel Music :)

I asked my friends to define “good music”. Here’s what they said.

What is “good music”? For me, it’s something different almost every day. Plus, it’s hard to define. So, a few […]

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Music History Piano

This Day In Music History

That’s right: This Day In Music History. This page will change each day when you come back, listing a different […]

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