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A red, pink, orange sunrise begins to light the sky behind a snow-lined field.

What’s in the works? How to keep moving even when it hurts

Having a broken ankle has changed things. I’m having to take things slow since I’m still on crutches.

Staying Home

A brown dog lies in her dog bed with puppy toys around her.

But don’t think for one second that my life is at a standstill. There are always projects around the home. Oh yes, things are still moving.

While my mobility is more limited, my spouse is caring for much of my share of the chores. Plus, she’s been incredibly helpful to me. I am grateful.

The pup needs attention every day. She and I missed a few good snows because of my ankle. I swear a couple of those days, she came over to me with eyes that said, “Dad?!? Why can’t we romp in the snow?”

Moving On

A red sunrise begins behind a barren, winter tree line.

My weekly gig has had to make other plans for a month or so. Hopefully, I can be back there in another month. One reason that I’m moving towards healing quickly as possible is to be able to play “live” again.

Meanwhile, a few months ago, I met Rose Alaimo on Mastodon (social network). We arranged first to have a cup of tea together and then decided to have a jam session. That was so much fun that we got together again. Soon, we were creating set lists for upcoming gigs!

One thing that was really fun for me was to see a chord chart for my song on Rose’s desk! Check it out in her Instagram post below. It’s been a long time since someone else practiced my songs. Of course, I’m practicing hers, too. You may listen to her songs wherever you stream music.

What’s Next?

Fluffy bits of ice flow through a stream in a gorge.

Of course, there are always projects underway in the recording studio. View the web-story below that includes some of that news. Don’t miss the screen captures, sunrises, and snow storms. Yes, it’s all happening.

I may not be moving quickly, but life is! Thanks, as always, for your support. Enjoy the web-stories format below if it works on your computer/device.

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