Does everything stop

Does everything stop

for an injury?

Here's how to keep moving forward when that motion is painful ...  but you know you'll reach something good.

The weather doesn't stop: snow keeps snowing and always looks so inviting.

Don't just stare out the window

Don't just stare out the window

Keep going even when things seem hard.

All of our home projects are still underway. And meanwhile, because the muse never rests, gigs and recorded music are in the works.

I'm writing folk songs this time! It's so much fun to have bluegrass sounds in the house.

Make more of what you make best.

Reaching out led to a connection with another local singer-songwriter. Rose & I are practicing for upcoming gigs.

It was a thrill to see my lyric sheet in her Instagram post linked here!

So, that's how I keep moving...

How do you keep moving when it seems difficult?

* Act * Keep Going * Create * Connect