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Two fluffy duck chicks snuggle together.

There’s Nothing Fluffy About This Audio

When it comes to inspiration, there is no fluff. Inward energy is a great source. So are the (outward) instruments that give sound to musical expression.

Fluff Abounds

A fluffy duck chick sits in some grass.

Let’s cut to the chase. “Healing Inergy” is being well received in its pre-release form. Thanks to everyone who has early-on listened, commented, critiqued, or otherwise responded to this song. In particular, I will point you to Ether Diver who has written some very complimentary words about this track in his review.

But regarding sounds, the market is full. Thanks to hundreds (if not thousands) of virtual instrument makers, contemporary musicians have a massive selection of sound sources to choose from.

Create Beauty

Part of why people are drawn to this song is the beautiful sounds I used to create it. I’m happy to tell you that every instrument in this first piece was created by Fluffy Audio. Formed by Paolo Ingraito, Olmo Chittò, and Simone Mor, this company has produced an awesome assortment of virtual instruments.

Many of you know how much I appreciate Fluffy’s VIs. In particular, I use their orchestral string library, Venice Modern Strings, on almost every arrangement for string orchestra that I create. Check out Drifting, Snowy Softness, and many other releases from me for the sound of this set of instruments.

The sounds I am drawn to are often part of my inspiration. Starting with this post, I’ll share with you how the virtual instruments inform my creative process on the upcoming album, “Healing Melodies“.

No Fluff Ahead

On “Healing Inergy”, the Fluffy Audio sound library ZEN GARDEN was particularly featured. Starting with the opening sounds of koto (a Japanese plucked instrument) and crystal bowl, this track’s foundation is from this one source. I really like the instruments in this library.

I also featured their Dominus Choir Pro and Venice Modern Strings (again) in this recording. At various points, you’ll also hear the delightful Francesco Lovecchio: Solo Oboe. Add to this the wonderful “Sylvia – Words – Legato” from Zen Garden that creates the lilting, solo vocal line. And now you have the complete sound set.

Thanks to Fluffy Audio for this inspiration. Their instruments (aka sample libraries) are among the best.

Let me know if you have any questions. Or if you want to chat about the sounds that inspire you.

All images in this video are from Fluffy Audio instruments and are subject to their copyright and trademarks.

The main image in this post is by Victor Burnside from Pexels.

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