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Inward healing takes time - bright orange sunrise through gray clouds.

Healing Inergy – inward energy and recovery

Many things vie for my time. There’s not always enough time to turn inward.

Inward Home

I still have a day job. My “home” work is deeply important to me as well. These inform my inner life constantly.

My spouse, our dog, our home, and our neighborhood all receive my daily attention. Whether walking RB, mowing the lawn, or having quality time together, these are priorities in my life. For all of this, I am grateful.

Inner Easy Focus

All of this means that my music project deadlines often don’t get met. Thank goodness, most of these “deadlines” are inward. They only exist in my mind.

This is true even when my creative process is also about my personal wellness and healing. You may recall that in January, I broke my ankle. By March, my orthopedic doctor informed me that I am “healing slower than average”.

Get Outside

A brown dog checking out purple flowers in a yard.

That is not something I wanted to hear. Being outdoors is one of the things I enjoy most. When I go outside, I feed my inner world. Winter is a particularly inspiring time for me to be out in nature. But I could not do that with a medical boot on.

So I did what I often do: I turned to what was right in front of me. In this case, it was my healing. Taking the time to let my body recover from the trauma of a broken bone.

This time of healing became my inspiration. My inward process is now audible. And (eventually) you will hear the results, starting with “Healing Inergy”. (In case you missed it, there is a PLAY button near the top of this post. Or you may click here to listen.)

More to Come

Starting next week, I’ll post some behind-the-scenes stories from my process while creating this album. I’ll also do some #GearSquad reviews of sound libraries I used to create these tracks.

I hope you appreciate this first song. And that you keep coming back for the rest of the tracks on “Healing Melodies”.

(Once the entire album is ready, you will be able to hear this on Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube, and all the rest.)

3 thoughts on “Healing Inergy – inward energy and recovery”

  1. I’ve been listening to your Healing Melodies, Stan! Excellent! I don’t know if it was intentional, but there’s something Japanese and even Arabic about it for me. I hope you recover fully soon!

    1. You have an excellent ear! Quite intentional. I’ve been deeply influenced musically and personally by Asian and Middle Eastern culture. So glad these inspirations shine through.

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