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You may almost hear the voices of a seagull and a boy looking out over an ocean sunset from the beach

Healing Voices – nothing quite like the human voice

It’s true. There’s nothing quite like the human voice.

Voices In My Head

Five people standing in a semi-circle clapping and singing.
Voices - photo by cottonbro

At times, I found the healing process to be very intense. More than is typical for me, I was tired. Naps were a part of my day as I recovered from my broken ankle.

As I would start to wake up, I could hear voices making songs and melodies in my head. Sometimes, I was able to capture bits of that liminal song-making. But for every one I captured there were dozens more that slid away into silence. In other words, once I complete this album, it will only be the cusp of what my imagination created during my time of healing.

What did you say sing?

Stan Stewart plays and sings live

There are voices in this song. But the lyrics are made up words. I could have written English lyrics for it, but that seemed too heady. The time of injury and healing got me thinking about a lot of things. However, the actual recovery was only a tiny bit mental for me.

Over the years, I’ve found that every experience is a whole body experience. Personally, I’ve had to learn how to be attentive to this. It doesn’t come naturally easily for me. Still, thanks to InterPlay and some wonderful creativity coaching, I’ve learned to be much more bodily aware.

As you can imagine, I’ve been using this awareness during this time of recovery. You can read more about that in other posts I’ve written on this blog (see below).

Kudos to Strezov Sampling

Like the other tracks from Healing Melodies that I’ve presented so far, all the instruments/voices on this song are by one source. This time, it’s Strezov Sampling. As you can hear, their sampling and VI creation is quite amazing. They are known for their vocal libraries.

The main photo on this page is by Terri Anne Allen via pexels.

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