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The silhouette of a harpist playing a harp as the sun sets behind her.

Healing Harp – plucking the strings of my heart

Harp strings and heartstrings have so much in common.

Heart Strings

The human heart is so important to our healing melodies. We have a physical heart that sends blood throughout the body — especially to places under repair. And our metaphorical heart is the center of hope and courage when we face pain.

I was a wimp. When I broke my ankle, I tried to avoid the pain. For the most part, I did this by sitting still. It didn’t work.

Instead of avoiding it, my stillness led me to focus on pain. And that focus made me uncover more layers in my privilege. My injured ankle made me realize how vulnerable human beings are when we have limited mobility. And vulnerability is all about the (metaphorical) heart.

Harp Strings

Toy instruments including a harp, a piano, and a cello.
The photo is by klimkin via

The parallel experience I am having with creativity started with a realization. I have known over the years how much I love the sounds of the piano and cello. Those are constant inspirational resonances. But recently, I’ve discovered a love for the sound of the harp.

Something about this instrument plucks at the strings of my heart. It may be an ancient harp, an orchestral harp, a Celtic harp, or a simple lyre. All of them speak to me when I hear them.

Hearing Is Believing

That’s one of the reasons that World Strings Harp by Evolution Series called to me. When I heard the demonstration tracks for this instrument, I could feel a sense of calm. I’m glad that I was able to add it to the inspirational sounds on Healing Melodies.

Evolution Series has many other intriguing sample libraries. These range from orchestral cello to a variety of Asian instruments. You can see a few of these in the video below. Be sure to listen to the track (at the top of this post) to hear these inspiring sounds.

The main post image of the harpist in silhouette is by Aleksei Andreev via

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  1. I first heard the harp live five years ago – 8 x ABRSM grades, six harps (including two pedal harps), and a library of music later, I can say I agree with your comments!

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