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The sunset adds bright colors to a wintry landscape, leafless trees, and gray clouds.

Are gray skies trying to bring us down? #inspiration

As I’ve said before, we have a lot of cloudy, gray days in the Finger Lakes region. That’s where I live.


Still, we choose. How we see the cloudy skies can make us gloomy or inspired.

Plus, however we see nature is a reflection of ourselves. We project our feelings on the natural world and it reflects those feelings back to us.

Enjoy these cloud photos from the Finger Lakes and consider how we might see gray as inspiring.

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Gray Skies

Beyond a leafless tree line, the sunrise adds a bit of color to an otherwise cloudy sky.

Are gray skies trying to bring us down?

an exploration of our assumptions about being inspired

The sun barely peeks through gray clouds above a few high-rise buildings.

Somewhere beyond those gray clouds, the sun is ready to shine through.

(Try not to squint.)

Let’s be ready, too.

Feelings, nothing more than feelings

Beyond a tree line, a mostly cloudy sky is broken by the red and golden sunrise.

Colors do bring up feelings in us. That’s only natural.

Can you imagine if we associated joy and expectation with gray?

Heavy clouds are reflected in an oval-shaped pond.

What we see in nature is just a reflection of ourselves.

“Mirror, mirror…”

What do we want to see in nature’s mirror?

You Are Brilliant

A leafless tree on the left and the sun trying to shine break up the solid gray clouds.

Some of us had hoped to see the eclipse, but the thick gray clouds hid that amazing spectacle.

What a great reminder not to hide our brilliance.

A small patch of blue in a sky otherwise filled with gray clouds.

You never know when the blue will shine through.

And that’s no reason to get the blues!

Grey is beautiful

The sunset adds bright colors to a wintry landscape, leafless trees, and gray clouds.

Even on gray days we can look for the bright colors shining through.

What if they are not there?

We can imagine the brightness anyway!

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