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A beautiful pink and purple blooming tree was a mother's day gift

Spring – Inspiration for Hope and Awakening

Spring has never been my favorite season. This year, I find myself noticing the ways that this season calls to my heart.

Spritely Spring

A single, white bloom catches our eye on bare limbs barely beginning to show spring buds

There have been too many years of hate. I’ve seen friends and family pushed away by people just because of who they are. And worse, the killing and maiming of people because they are seen as “different” has been horrendous.

This is no way to live. This kind of hatred defies our common humanity. Inspired by spring, can we be bringers of new life instead?

Reminders of life

A pond acts a mirror for the bushes, willow tree, and reeds along its banks. It's also a reminder of how nature can be a mirror for we human beings.

The seasons have been plagued by our destruction of nature. Freak storms and upset weather patterns are so common. We may be too late to turn that trend around, but we must end that destruction.

Like spring, we can emphasize natural growth and the blooming of the huge varieties of nature. Our care alongside the beauty of life feels like such an easy way to help our world thrive.

Spring alive

Clouds are decorated by a bright orange, yellow, and pink spring sunset

When I see the blooming trees “dancing” in the wind, I am inspired to dance. And I see this dance as a metaphor for how we human beings can shift. When we dance together, our differences can fade.

This spring and for all the seasons left to come, let’s be followers of its lead: Let’s be bringers of life, blooming, growth, and becoming. Then, our hope can be real.

Let’s dance.

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