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Lost Won video from Finding FLOW

Music “Stream” Videos from ‘Finding FLOW’

Are you finding flow? The flow we seek right now is illusive. In the face of this illusion, the best I can come up with is this: keep creating, keep connecting, and look to the streams for flowing inspiration.

X-Stream Inspiration

If you’ve been a friend or fan for a while, I know this will come as no surprise: I’m often inspired by flowing water. I find the way it shifts, glides, crashes, and pours is deeply moving. That’s why I created my latest album from this muse.

“Finding FLOW” is my ode to streams, tides, and waterfalls. And I always do my best to credit my mentors. Flowing streams are definitely a mentor to me.

Flowing Video

With that in mind, I created these three short videos from clips I’ve collected for many years. Besides my local scenery, I’ve selected video snippets from my previous journeys to other beautiful places. Notably, there are some beach scenes from Nova Scotia.

Included in the videos are small portions of three of the instrumental pieces from this album. I hope you enjoy these videos.

More “Finding FLOW” News

This album is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all of the other streaming (haha!) music platforms. But if you’re willing to support me financially, please download this album or any of my music from my music site. Thanks for reading, listening, and all the other ways you support me.

I wish you safety, health, peace, and flow. Blessed be.

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