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River Moving Through You [video]

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
~ Rumi

This is one of a series of video art collaborations I have created with Tracee Vetting Wolf. (Check out her video channel.) In most of them, she mesmerizes us with her paintbrush and the colors that swirl from it. This time, she uses a quill pen to “draw” us in. She creates her works of art in an art journal for the videos in this series.

To some degree, all art is autobiographical. It’s impossible to completely separate what’s happening in my life from my creative outpourings. Being intentional about this connection is one beautiful way to acknowledge this truth. 

Certainly, this is true of . Pulling compositions from the present moment is one of my art journaling forms. The trick with so much of the performance improvisation that I do is that once it’s over, it’s gone forever. Having the opportunity to work with Tracee has given me the goodness of “saving” a few of my musical journal entries as audio tracks for her videos. I like the idea of audio recordings as a mode of creating an art journal. (Glad I wrote this post so that I’d think of it that way. Thank you.)

Can you hear moods and stories in the short audio tracks for the videos in this series? Can you connect feelings and storylines with the colors and brushstrokes (or lettering)?

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