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Is Just Fine (still from the video)

Is Just Fine (video)

Is Just Fine (still from the video)To bring in the new year, I’ll be presenting a series of videos that I’ve recently added on my YouTube channel. Please be sure to subscribe when you have a moment.

This first video is one of several collaborations with artist, Tracee Vetting Wolf. I met Tracee while going through #quest2015 — a series of prompts and responses to guide us into the new year. The prompts were a lot to work with in one month, especially during the holiday season. Plus, there were so many wonderful writers and blogs, such as Brenna Layne, Nancy L. Seibel, Tania Pryputniewicz and Suzi Banks Baum.

I responded to one of the prompts with a set of two improvised pieces. She responded by asking whether I’d be interested in using one of those pieces with a video of her painting for the same prompt. I suggested that I improvise a new piece inspired by her video. She sent me a copy of the video which I found immediately inspiring. Improvising a piano piece specifically for this video was completely natural. It flowed easily. I synchronized the piano improv with her painting video and this is the result.

Thanks for listening and watching.

Playful blessings,

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