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What scares you? - spider on blanket

What Scares You? Fear and Courage

What scares you? Some people are afraid of snakes. Others are afraid of spiders. Do you know? Or are you still discovering the edges of your courage? (This blog entry started as an Instagram post here.)

I’m quite afraid of spiders, but I can get my courage up when I have to. Recently, our home had an invasion of wolf spiders in the house and yard. We had to ward some of them off in order to stay safe and hospitable.

Safe and Spider

My wife and I host a bed and breakfast in our home. Obviously, we want it to be as welcoming as possible. Though we’ve done our best to keep the spiders at bay, they seem to find their way into our home and our glamping tent. Not only did I research the best natural way to repel spiders, but — along with my wife who is clearly not phobic about any “bugs” — implemented this avenue to ward them away.

As I said, I’m quite afraid of spiders. Apparently, so are a few of our guests! Two of them were deeply concerned. We found ways to alleviate their worry and accommodate (literally) their stay. But the more surprising thing is how many dozens of people didn’t even blink about the presence of arachnids.

Sleep and Snake

I suspect that these people have their phobias, too. What scares them? I guess it’s not spiders. And I say this partly tongue-in-cheek. Our human, biggest fears are not the spiders and snakes. What truly scares us are the existential worries of our everyday lives. Even these seem to vary widely for different people.

Still, something allows us to sleep at night. Well, most nights anyway. If we let fear rule our life, the results will be sleeplessness and severe anxiety. We have to find ways to live fully beyond our fear.

Scares and Sacreds

For many millenniums, human beings have found security in the face of what scares us through religion. Oh, don’t run away. I’m not going to get all preachy on you. I was a Protestant minister many years ago and left the church with a clear conscience.

Yet, the sacredness of everyday life never escapes me. When I wake up to the sound of the waterfall in our backyard or create vocal harmonies with loved ones, I know that there is a beauty in this human life that I cannot escape. And a good thing, too.

I love finding beauty in whatever is presented to me each day. What scares you? And how do you counteract this fear with beauty and love? Leave me a comment with your answer here or on Twitter, please!

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  1. Lol, I’ve lost track of the things that scare me! — “I love finding beauty in whatever is presented to me each day“ — that alone helps so much!

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