#Poem – siblings

Siblings all: We make silent agreements not to breathe each other’s air Or steal the ground where another’s feet already […]

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Misty Rocks

#Poem: BFF

A friend calls. I have news, but do not want To seem too pushy. I’m thinking — for some reason […]

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#Poem – understand

it’s easy to not understand that seems to be the simpler of the two options to simply protest that the […]

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Heart Leaps

#Poem – magic

someone told me that there’s magic about the year 2012. i don’t know if i believe in magic, because i’m […]

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Tree Frog

#Poem – frog prince

Frog, prince or king: We get the stories so mixed up. We think that we must rush To get to […]

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Birthday morning with Scout on my knee

#Poem – zen and the art of walking the dog

I’ve been so distracted lately. I was laid off in September. Now it’s December and I’m Looking for my new […]

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Our Porch

#Poem – Just Maybe

I know you want an answer And you want it now. Well, I’m just not ready. Or if I must […]

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Music History Piano

This is not our fate

“So let us not talk falsely now
The hour is getting late”

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