Heart Leaps

#Poem – magic

someone told me that there’s
magic about the year 2012.
i don’t know if i believe in
magic, because i’m focused
on what’s real and tangible

i’ve for too long waited for
the magic to intrude on my
reality, take care of me,
remove all cares from me.
i know better.

and i still long for the magic
from outside to rescue

what do i have to be
rescued from?
very little except myself,
so i know that this desire
to be rescued is just

i don’t need cosmic
. all i need is
the common, everyday
magic that i can find
in the voice of a friend,
a touch, a mid-day nap,
the sound of guitar strings
resonating together,
a creative urge,
an inspiration.
this is my magic for now.

~ by Stan Stewart

Copyright 2010 by muz4now, inc. All Rights Reserved.


1 thought on “#Poem – magic”

  1. And again in #56…it’s like you’re writing down the thoughts swirling around inside my head: longing for magic (absolutely true of me), and realizing the beauty in the “common” magic that is all around us, that (extra)ordinary magic that surfaces just when it is needed most. Ahhh. You’re a blessing!

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