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#Poem – magic too

Start now. The waiting is over.
Actually, it’s been over for
A long time.
It’s just my body that
Thought the old doldrums
Were still in vogue.

Catch up now with the
Train that’s already speeding ahead.
I must be agile, fit and young enough
Still to grind the unhallowed asphalt
Under my heels.

Move! This is not a timid movement
That takes one nowhere.
No! This is a fluid and unflustered tempest
Of fulfilled endeavor.

Run on to the snow and grass.
Drop into
A walk.
Let the
Sweet stages of
Nature’s wonder
Fill up the
Old emptiness.

(The new story is much
Like a tree.
It’s life-filled leaves cascade up
To vibrant branches and deep roots
That connect to

No longer focused on the too-distant
, I round the corner of
“Now” with its access to
Enlivened feelings,
Joyous exuberance for the present, and
Powerful fulfillment within and
Beyond imagination.

~ by Stan Stewart
Copyright 2010, 2011 by muz4now, Inc. All Rights Reserved.