Here’s the next #quest2015 prompt: Which emotions do you feel most guilty about having? Afraid that others might find out? […]

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Being Real

#DTNT on #SM – real updates not just trackbacks

Here’s the next in my series on “Do This, Not That” for social networking. Be sure to check out the […]

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#DTNT on #SM – self-promotion

Thanks to guest blogger Christine Infanger for this post in the series on “Do This, Not That” for social networks. […]

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#DTNT on #SM – support your friends

This is the second in a series of “Do This, Not That” posts regarding social media with special attention to […]

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mean or nice

#DTNT on #SM – mean or nice

This is the first in a series of posts: “Do this, not that” (#DTNT) for musicians (at least) on social […]

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Bedroom Window – a #poem

I like the idea Of having a view Out of my bedroom window And yet it seems to Be the […]

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Painting Piano: Water Painting 2

The Swim – an #improv #poem


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Two In The Desert

Two – a #poem

Two intrepid Harbingers of anticipatory cusps Zip surreptitiously Over torpid landscapes. “Blah!” Shouts one. “Bliss!” The other. ~ Spontaneously composed […]

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Heartburn – a poem by Stan Stewart

I have heartburn and what I mean by that is that my heart is breaking thinking of the relationships I […]

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Following and Leading

Following and Leading (part 3 of 5)

Creativity at its best is a matter of following and leading. I learned about “following and leading” from InterPlay where this is one […]

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