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#DTNT on #SM – mean or nice

This is the first in a series of posts: “Do this, not that” (#DTNT) for musicians (at least) on social media (#SM) or social networking.

mean or niceTo my disappointment, I’ve found that too many musicians don’t use what I thought was common sense and common decency. But even if you’re doing well on social networking and whether you’re mean or nice when you’re there, I think I have some recommendations that you may find helpful. Frankly, this is for everyone. I just happen to be a musician and so I especially want musicians to try a few of these.

I reached out to my friends on social networks and they definitely had something to say! I’ll be using examples from their responses in my blogs on this subject.

Do this…

I think that what Dwayne is referring to are the people on social media who don’t follow the rules (yes, each social media platform has rules you’re supposed to follow: “terms of use/service” for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram as examples) and behave in a acceptable way for a “social” medium. Enough with the big words. Here’s what I mean:

Imagine that you’ve heard from friends about a big party that anyone can attend. You decide to go. You show up with a bunch of your CD’s, digital download cards, and even a few of your band’s T-shirts in your ride. When you get to the party, you hang out, you mingle, you chat, and in the natural flow of the conversation, you occasionally bring up your music and upcoming gigs. You chat for longer with people who seem more interested. Folks who turn away immediately when you mention your band, you are quick to change the subject.

…not that

Right? But here’s the party approach used by too many musicians on social networking:

Imagine that you’ve heard from friends about a big party … As soon as you see someone at the party, you jab a CD into her face or a T-shirt right up to the next guy’s chest. You say things like “You know you want this!” and “Please LIKE my FaceBook page right away” to every single person you meet at the party. And you don’t allow anyone you run into while you’re there to walk away without acknowledging whatever you jammed into their face.

Mean or nice? Social. Got it? I know you get it if you’ve read this far. And if you agree or disagree, I hope you’ll say why in the comments. Have a “nice” week. Future posts will get more specific about “Do this, not that.” Get ready.


2 thoughts on “#DTNT on #SM – mean or nice”

  1. It’s more about maintaining one’s own dignity. A reader can only be insulted with their own permission. But on social media, we all need to develop a thicker skin and behave in a manner that reflects and projects our strength of character.

    Although, there is something to be said for raw emotion, also … but there is a time and forum for everything.

    1. Absolutely! Being nice does not mean rolling over and playing dead. But if one takes everything personally on social media, there will be trouble. You’re right on about developing a “thicker skin”. Obviously, you need to take responsibility for your brand/band, but not for the opinions of other people.

      I also like what you’re saying about character. In fact, one of the upcoming posts in this series will be about being yourself. That means being real while having a sense of care about who you are presenting to the world. And you’re also right about “raw emotion”, especially since music can sometimes portray precisely that.

      How would you balance raw emotion or maintaining one’s own dignity with character on social networks? Is there an example of doing this well that you can share?

      Thanks for your comments, Silverwatch!

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