piano improv

May Day piano improv: Early (part 1)

Yesterday, I sat down for the first time in many days and improvised on the piano. You see: piano improv […]

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Feel Music :)

I asked my friends to define “good music”. Here’s what they said.

What is “good music”? For me, it’s something different almost every day. Plus, it’s hard to define. So, a few […]

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Move Out Fear

moving from fear and stress to grace

Fear and Stress As a creative person, you create stories about yourself. These may involve capabilities, collaborators, style, or whatever. […]

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Music History Piano

This Day In Music History

That’s right: This Day In Music History. This page will change each day when you come back, listing a different […]

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Jango (Air Play)

Why I am jammin’ Jango over Pandora

I’m glad to have Tracy “Trace” Ready providing a guest post on muz4now™. Trace and I have been supporting each […]

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Stan Stewart is a pianist

The Art of Improv, Part 2: Listen

I’m pleased to have Kevin Jacoby as a guest writer again for his “The Art of Improv” series. Be sure […]

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just(is) breathe

review of VibeDeck

On March 18, 2012, I posted this glowing review of VibeDeck. As you’ll see if you try to click on […]

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Art of Improv: Courage

The Art of Improv, Part 1: Courage

I’m unbelievably happy to have a guest post from one of my favorite blog writers: Kevin Jacoby. For more about […]

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Old piano keys

interdeterminate – improv catharsis

Music can express all sorts of feelings. Improvised music can have a particular niche when it comes to these sorts […]

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Don't fret. Enjoy the gig.

The gig is on: Keeping It Real

OK: you got some local gigs and you are really loving playing out. Now what? Time to rest and enjoy […]

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