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Tell Myself This

Tell Myself This

Even though I’m in the middle of a songwriting recording stretch, I’m going to tell myself (sort of) that I’m going to have some interludes made of these improvisations for #quest2016. The first introspective invitation came from Susan Piver in the form of What I most need to tell myself about 2016 is… Yes, it’s not …

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Patron Of The Arts

Patron Of The Arts

Please click here read my updated views on Patreon. Patronage Everyone who becomes a patron is royalty. Everyone who receives patronage is an artist. Well, that’s an idyllic concept of “patron of the arts” anyway. Certainly, in my eyes, being a patron of the arts is a beautiful way to further beauty and creativity in …

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Painting Piano: Other Worlds

Painting Piano: #music inspired by visual #art

Thanks to everyone who is helping to make “Painting Piano” my best-selling album ever! I’ve chosen to include several of the piano improvisations and paintings from “Painting Piano” throughout this post. I’ve also linked (near the end of this post) the videos related to this project from YouTube. I hope you enjoy them. What do …

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