Musical and other performance improvisations, improv techniques, and how improvisation can inform other artforms.

Weather Outside

Oh, the weather outside is… – an #improv #poem

Oh, the weather isDoing its thing:There’s a weird, wintry mixDumping its glorious metrics Of wet, heavy, and wonderfulFrozen bits of hydrogenAnd oxygen. You can never get tooMuch of this stuff.It’s beautiful andBlessedly mesmerizing. ~ Spontaneously composed (improvised, unedited) by Stan Stewart~ Copyright 2019 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

Resilience Winter Trees

Winter Trees – an #improv #poem

I am enchantedby the tops of winter trees. With their twistsand tendrils,silhouettesand snares,they mezmerize my gaze. Each time my eyes areintertwined with theirmagical state,I am struckby the aweof it all. Then, somewherein the back of my mind,I find the realizationthat this is not themore cherished stateof trees by my fellowhuman beings. And I know thatin …

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