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The cover art for Crash Landing by Stan Stewart

2nd of 3 – Crash Landing

Here’s my next track in this trilogy of tunes. First there was “Spoiled 4 Us All“. Now, Crash Landing encourages us to avoid a crash.

How Not to Crash

You understand my theme now: rock music with a message of humanity. We know how not to crash. It’s clear that we live on a fragile planet. Let’s treasure it.

I don’t need to use a lot of words. Human beings can care for each other and for the environment we live in. More times than I can count, I have seen it happen. Let’s do that.

Made Up

A bawu - Chinese woodwind instrument

Let me share a little about the song itself. The choir is singing words that I made up. It’s mostly for the effect. But if we were able to translate it, the meaning would be, “Wake up!”

The woodwind on this recording is the Chinese Bawu. Like the Armenian duduk in the first track, this is another reed instrument with a clarinet-like tone. I appreciate the mournful nature of its sound.

Thanks for listening. And thank you for following along!

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      1. Exactly what I was thinking as I read and listened. Whenever possible, I’m making that my habit with you work, read and listen at the same time. I do enjoy that, and have been inspired to plan how I may be able to create more opportunity for that with the videos and blog posts I release. More on that as the plan evolves. 🙂

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