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Mount Hood with a rather bright orange sky and clouds forms the cover of "Spoiled 4 Us All" by Stan Stewart.

1st of 3 – Spoiled 4 Us All

That’s right: this is the first of three tracks in a different mode. No more mister mellow

I’ve spoiled the secret: here’s the new sound. It’s rock. I hope you enjoy it or at least appreciate where I’m coming from1. Thanks for listening.

You Rock

Thanks to everyone who has given feedback on previews of “Spoiled 4 Us All“. So far, it’s been uniformly positive. (Well, my spouse did say it’s not really her style. But other than that…)

I’m grateful to all of the fans who responded. Notably, the folks in my VIP community were quick to respond and say, “Yes! Keep them coming.”

A few of you asked about the woodwind instrument I used in this instrumental. So, let me share a little about it.

The Duduk

I think it was around 1990 that I first heard the Armenian instrument called the duduk (or sometimes dudak). Peter Gabriel’s “Passion: The Last Temptation of Christ” soundtrack featured the evocative playing of Vache Hovsepyan. Shortly after that, Jerry Goldsmith intermingled the duduk (by an uncredited player) with soprano saxophone (played by Branford Marsalis). This time, the score was for “The Russia House”. I was riveted by the sound of the duduk each time it appeared in that movie.

One of the most prolific and varied duduk performers appeared on the scene around this same period. Djivan Gasparyan was famed for his performances on dozens of soundtracks, albums (ranging from Brian May to Sting), and live performances (notably Ravi Shankar’s 2002 concert in honor of George Harrison).

For me, the duduk has a sound like no other. It has a deep mournful character that calls to my heart every time I hear it2.

But now, back to “Spoiled…” This song has a lot going on in it. Next, let me see if I can explain this title.

What’s Up With This “Spoiled” Title?

You know me: titles just come to me. I don’t know why. Suddenly the name of a song will just pop into my head. Even though I made this one up without thinking, it’s clear to me where “Spoiled 4 Us All” came from. And here’s where I get a bit preachy…

I’m concerned about what human beings are doing to this planet. We are destroying the very ecosystem that has sustained us for centuries. So, yes, if we spoil it, we spoil it for everyone alive now or living here in a future generation.

Make It Not Spoiled

Of course, not every human being is part of this destruction. There are many of us who are seeking to have a better existence on the earth. We are doing the best we can to care for this beautiful planet and the people on it.

Because we care, when we see people who treat our environment with carelessness or disregard, we are upset. Any time something beautiful is spoiled, it’s disturbing.

Let’s be care-givers for the earth. Please, let’s protect its beauty.

  1. The images in the music video are by Ellen Perconti. ↩︎
  2. The duduk sounds on my recording of “Spoiled 4 Us All” are by Strevoz Sampling (from Balkan Ethnic Orchestra) and Evolution Series (World Colors). ↩︎

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