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A cup of cappuccino sits on a wooden desk next to a Mac laptop computer

A day in the recording studio of an indie musician

The first thing you have to know about indie studios is coffee.


OK, maybe not every indie recording studio starts with coffee, but mine does. ☕️

Best to be energized. You’ll need to be sharp! 🤓

Multiple instruments playing in a recording session (there is no sound)

Much of the time, screens like this will be in front of you. Various recorded tracks, usually at different points in their completion.

Listen Many Times

Like mine, indie studios are often just one person. So we get every job: instrumentalist, singer, writer, composer, arranger, technician, mixer, producer, and mastering engineer. Oh, and let’s not forget salesperson and marketing department!

Some of my indie musician friends say they get bored listening to their own tracks repeatedly. It’s a real danger.

A virtual instrument visual (there is no audio in this video)

Fortunately, lots of music plugins give visual feedback like the one above. This is great both for the eye candy and for seeing what the instrument is doing in this song.

Don’t Quit

While working on a recording, one danger is losing yourself. Keep reminding yourself to do daily life … like walking the dog.

Many indie studios cover every aspect of making music: from initial inspiration to spreading the news to fans. That’s the way it is here…

Find an Ending

Eventually, every song and every project end. The end of a recording is the mastering process. But the end of a recording project can be so many different things.

Mixing and mastering plugins (no sound)

This can be a happy/sad moment. The joy comes with celebrating completion. But sadness for the end of the journey.

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A day in an indie musician’s recording studio