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OK. That’s the worst title I’ve ever given to a blog post. And the pandemic isn’t over yet. Still, there will be stuff about livestreaming and a piano improvisation named “Fringeless”, so there is that.

Just Weird

But that’s how these times are: jumbled bunches of stuff coming at us in every possible way. It’s as if we are in a huge sea storm being tossed about emotionally, physically, and logistically. Some days, it’s difficult to figure out which way is up.

Red Leaves with Sunlight

So here’s “Fringeless” piano improvisation with no strings attached. Listen and hear the jumbled web of wonkiness that is the pandemic.

Still Grateful

I continue to count my blessings at the same time. My wife and I live in a wonderful home. It is that way because we’ve made it so. And that is always something to be grateful for.

Fall Trail

Just down from our home is an excellent trail that goes all the way from Taughannock Falls to and through Ithaca, New York. I was feeling especially unsettled last night and that trail was just the thing to shift my spirits. The images in this post are from that walk.


I performed my second livestream since the pandemic. It was very rewarding to have a bunch of friends and strangers offering suggestions for the piano improvisations I created on the spot for that streaming concert. You can check it out here.

YouTube player
Stan Stewart plays his first YouTube livestream
The actual "live stream"
The actual “live stream”

I’m sure I’ll be performing livestream over the winter. I’m pondering whether I should do pop-up livestreams or have a regular schedule. Let me know what you think! And keep an eye out here to know when I’ll be playing.

Stay safe. Thanks for dropping by and for all the ways you support me. (I know you’re a supporter if you made it all the way to the end of this article. It was sooooooooooo random!)

2 thoughts on “Livestream Stuff Fringeless Perks”

  1. Very cool improv Stan! I’m not sure about being comfortable in my body. I think it’s wearing out!

    1. Thanks, Gary! I can relate about a sometimes worn out body. And thankfully, I usually get my second wind!
      I appreciate your support and friendship.

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