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Change - 2nd Movement

Movement – Who Will Be Last and First – The 2nd Movement

The second movement is underway. It’s a beautiful sign that humanity can change for the better.

Second and First

Hearts that burn with passion's fear
mean the second movement's here.
Change - 2nd Movement

The first was the people who were wronged speaking out about their oppression. They rose up. And in that rising, they opened a pathway for the second shift.

Those who have been oppressors join the movement and create their own. This movement is all about those who have been put down, but is those who have been putting down joining the cause. The prejudice of the past can no longer rule if we are to remain human. Our humanity depends on us joining the second movement.


If the future is good, you and I
will be part of the reason why.
Change is good

Self-advocacy is important. In fact, it is the motivator in the first cause. There can be no denying standing up for one’s own rights. But this is not what the next manifestation is about.

This one is a call for change from the voices of those who represent former wrongdoing. This movement demands a shift. That shift is an internal one made external. It is the sound that can no longer be silenced.

Dedication To The Movement

Changing for the better requires
Dedication before humanity expires.

Here is a musical dedication to the second movement. In fact, this piece is dedicated to everyone who contributes to a cause that supports people who are not like them. Get moving…

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