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Drag – why slow is still “go”

Slow GoSlow

By this morning, I was supposed to be releasing my new song track. It is still in pre-release. As an entrepreneurial businessman, that’s “slow” and not okay. As a creative spirit inside skin: it’s perfectly fine.

Does that sound like a cop-out to you? I can completely understand if you think so. And thanks for thinking so, because it’s pressing me on. Even though this probably does sound like doublespeak to many of you, I can only tell you that it’s my reality.

When it comes to creativity, slow is not always a full stop. It can often mean that the passionate undertones are still fully at work in spite of the day-to-day expressions being entirely quiet. Often, those external manifestations do not tell the whole story of what’s happening inside.


The next song will be released. I’ve discovered in the creative drive to put out these song tracks in the public eye that I will not be deterred: “Yet” came out and received some very nice responses. Many of them have privacy settings so that they can’t be displayed here. And here are some that can be (happily) shared with you:Drag : Friends

The next release has gone through several iterations because of the multiple versions to be released, just like Confession:Reflection.

Just like Squid (“Look All Around”), it will be about a multitude of present-day newsworthy twists. That third track is definitely popular on the video post of this song and among social network friends.

Thanks to all of you who are hanging in there and read all the way to here. Keep smiling. “beatcity” is coming. I’m not kidding. It’s coming very soon. You can listen and buy it (click on pre-release for now) here.

I’m sending a big thank you to my friends who are supporting my new releases and a hope that the rest of you will join them. Thanks. Slow is still go.