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Creativity scoops

I’m very curious about creativity and inspiration: Where does creativity come from? How different is it for each person? What makes human beings creative? What is the creative process for each artist and why does it seem to be so different for individual creative people? Can science verify anything about creativity and what inspires us or is this all too subjective?

I’m happy to share these creativity insights with you and hope that you, too, will find your inspiration and curiosity piqued by some of these.

Meanwhile, I’m always interested in what inspires you and what gets your creative juices going. Please comment with your thoughts!

Creative blessings,

2 thoughts on “Creativity scoops”

  1. Always impressed by your boundless marriage of social media and the creative, Stan. Digging into some of these and look forward to sparking some further conversation on G+ when done 🙂

    1. OK, Steve: You got me on the G+ thing. Great! I look forward to the conversation.

      I appreciate your support and always look forward to your top notch posts!

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