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Poem 0164: dragonfly 1

Today, if I could be any creature of my choosing, I would choose the dragonfly: For when I watch them […]

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move your body into the dance

drumming up some Summertime fun

Among the musical instruments that I play, hand drums are probably my third best (after piano/keyboard and guitar). Yet, I […]

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Don't fret. Enjoy the gig.

what’s love got to do with it

One of the things I discovered while changing my business name is that it’s easy to become attached to things like names and […]

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Black swallowtail butterfly

A Poem: interdependence day

The butterfly effect. I step out of my door early in the morning And choose to let my foot drop […]

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Drink In

Poem 0162: belief

I saw a man standing — glassy-eyed And upward looking — at the side of the path. There were a […]

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soft blooms

Poem 0161: re-bloom

It’s not that love disappeared. Not even close. It’s that there has been a fresh Blossoming of that delightful Sensation […]

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Laugh, breathe, love - no comparison

Poem 0160: ebb and flow

Life ranges broadly from absolute wonder To instant tragedy. The extremes don’t always Go hand-in-hand. Though they do bounce off […]

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Poem 0159: what’s in a name?

I once changed my name. It was momentous and mundane At the same time. Now, I apparently need another New […]

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piano improv

Poem 0158: heat and cool

Summer brings a kind of warmth That is not alway kind. It overheats the bodies of the child and the […]

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Trio: Cello

Poem 0157: Cello

Bow caresses strings just so. Responsive, they begin instantly to sing. At first, it is the ears that listen. Soon, […]

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