Countdown to #DreamThis

I did not expect that I’d be where I am right now. In one week, the countdown will be over. […]

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Dance This

Dance This – lyric #poem and song

Dance This lyrics (and music) by Stan Stewart spontaneously composed on January 14, 2016 Copyright © 2016, 2017 by Stan […]

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Falcon Flying

We are humanity. Opt-In music video.

Thank you First, let me say thank you to all my friends, family, and fans. You continue to encourage me […]

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Stan Stewart NOW

Quake – a lyric #poem and music video to honor the earth

Quake lyric poem (and music) by Stan Stewart you see the drops falling you know it’s tears and not the […]

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beatcity – lyric #poem and music video

beatcity lyric poem (and music) by Stan Stewart we all have our own dreams we never falter in dreaming we […]

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squid smile 4

Squid (“Look All Around”) – lyric #poem and video

Squid lyrics and music: Stan Stewart Look all around into the heart of anyone. Look all around to see what […]

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OptIn – a song about opting into being better human beings

Check out the music video for this song along with my commentary on the images, lyrics, and quotes. Opting for life […]

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Confession:Reflection – lyric #poem

Confession:Reflection lyrics & music: Stan Stewart In spite of my thoughts of independence I built my world around you. I […]

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Yet Stream

“Yet” – lyric #poem and lyric video

YET Lyrics and music: Stan (Sawyer) Stewart Circle is unwinding. End of the rope. Finding Knot is not tied as […]

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Back Yard

Goin’ Back – On the trickiness of reviewing one’s own art

Musicians can arrange a song in so many beautiful ways. I’ve included videos of three versions of Carole King and Gerry Goffin’s […]

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