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A sunset between two bare trees forms the cover art for Next Generation by Stan Stewart.

3rd of 3 – Next Generation

This trio of rock songs ends here: at the Next Generation.


Here it is: the culmination of these three hard rock songs. I don’t need to say too much. You can watch the video and hear (or read) the lyrics to know what this song is about.

Many thanks to listeners on YouTube and BandCamp who have already commented or reached out to me. Thanks in particular to my VIP friends who continue to support me. If you would join them, that would mean the world to me.

Always Generating More

I have several projects in the works. Among them: the folk songs I’ve already promised are on the way and a new duo with Rose Alaimo. Check back here or subscribe to my blog posts to know when things happen.

And because there’s always more, I keep forgetting to tell you all about the interview I did recently. Jeremy from Our Minds On Music interviewed me and posted a really cool video with highlights of our conversation. Click here to view that video.

Thanks for your support! Keep listening.

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