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“True” from #StrangerRequiem Gets Its Own Video

Like the added music videos for “Pure Movement”, “Requiem For A Stranger” now has a new one for the movement named True.


Lower half of a sunflower bloom

When I wrote, arranged, and performed the Requiem, it truly challenged me. Like the deaths it commemorates, these five movements are an important musical work for me.

I continue to honor the people who have passed on during the pandemic. Their number is still growing at this moment. And these deaths continue to have an impact on our entire world … including me.

Truly Composed

Here’s something true: three of my mentors have called me a “sensitive soul“. What they meant by this is that I am affected by both catastrophic global events and significant events in friends’ lives. This effect is always affect.

I know that we don’t often hear or read the word “affect” used in this way. I like the definition of this word that says “the conscious emotion that occurs in reaction to a thought or experience”. That reflects my response to these worldwide and intimate impacts.

In the case of the pandemic deaths, obviously, the emotions start with deep sadness. There are also fears and anger that may huddle nearby, but it is the grief that is most obvious.

What’s True For You

True sunflower

When I composed “True”, I imagined what the best way of honoring the dead might be. I thought, “How would I like to be remembered?” My answer was (and is): for my love.

So, I’m curious to know if you have experienced significant grief in the past two years. And what have you done to get support for your time of loss? Maybe a friend or family member has been ill or passed away. Perhaps you’ve just been sad about the loss of human contact due to lockdowns and physical distancing. Or there may be other reasons for you to grieve. Contact me if you like via the comments on this post or on Twitter.

Meanwhile, I hope you are comforted by the music video for “True”. Once again, I’m grateful to DistroKid for the technology that made the creation of this video so easy.

5 thoughts on ““True” from #StrangerRequiem Gets Its Own Video”

  1. Beautiful song and video Stan! So much loss and grief in the last 6 months, in fact I’m waiting for the call right now, since we can’t be there. It’s been tough, art and music, spending time to remember the good times, talking about them, all bring a little comfort!

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