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Gigs - Stan Stewart wearing a black cowboy hat and playing guitar

Playing Live Gigs (Again) – A Sign of the Times

One of my favorite things to do is play live gigs. The pandemic squelched that for a while. Hopefully, this is finally changing.

Below, you’ll see pictures of me smiling. That’s me being happy about getting to play live music!


Though COVID-19 is not going away any time soon, vaccines and additional treatments are helping to quiet the storm of the pandemic. In-person meetings of all sorts are happening again.

The point is that I’m playing gigs again. How cool is that. Here are a few bits of some cover songs from recent live performances. (To hear/see it, just click the ▶️ play button near the bottom of the two photos below.)

It’s still good to exercise care given the nature of these times. For example, I still try to set up my performance space at least 10 feet from the nearest attendee. After all, this thing called “singing” means I’ll be breathing a lot. To me, this is a sign of my respect for the people who are at the gig.

Covers and Originals

I have several types of gigs coming up soon: weddings, restaurants, and other venue-based performances. At each of these, I’ll be performing music selected by the organizers … or by me. When I get to choose, I mix in my original songs with cover tunes.

Here’s one original from my album, “Dream This“. This is not the first live version of this song, but it’s certainly an honest one. After all, I’ve probably sung this thousands of times and it still brings up emotion. Here’s “Confession:Reflection” for 2022.

(Thanks to Edna Brown for capturing the large photos of me above.)

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