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Don't Be Fooled

“Don’t Be Fooled” – an introspective instrumental

We need hope. But don’t be fooled: we cannot be complacent.

(Press play and read while you listen…)

Choose Human Becoming

Don't be fooled by this tree beside the trail

These two — hope and complacency — do not have to be incompatible, though at times they seem very far apart. I think many of us (including me) have been fooled about our human world and our political world.

The weapons of destruction have never stopped being activated. Let’s be activated as a counterweight to that. We must flow towards peace instead.

It’s time for action. We can become the best possible humanity. This is the essence of the 2nd movement. But this won’t happen solely by sitting in lotus position. We’re going to have to work for the good.

Meditating Foolishness

Don’t get me wrong: lots of people are helped by meditation. Some are even led to active work in the world through meditating. But if it only calls you to sit on a pillow, it may be fooling you into inaction. And as much as it may be painful to admit, the failure to act may lead to or even be motivation to be complacent.

One thing that recent events have brought to the forefront is that this complacency has led to hurt and vilification. The healing must begin immediately. And healing is anything but complacent.

You and I want a better world. (Let’s not be foolish again.) The best way to bring that to pass is to do it ourselves.

Fooled Into Action

Don't be fooled cover photo

People who are concerned about humanity and being caring in the face of challenges must help set the direction we go. Too many times, we assumed that the human race would automatically move in the best possible direction. These days, it’s become clear that we cannot take this for granted.

The pace is slow. To find healing for all of those who have been wronged or think they have been wronged, we must be patient.

This patience is not complacency. It is action for the long haul. Let’s make it so. (And thanks for listening.)

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