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Plan what?

Why Your Creative Project Never Turns Out the Way You Plan

This is not what I set out to do. No matter how much I wish for and plan for my creative projects to go a certain way, they always come out differently.

Plan Creative Projects?

Do you plan your creative projects?

Creativity and planning don’t always mix well. One is more of a right-brain activity and the other more left-brain. For example, I had planned for this blog post to be a poem. The trouble with a creative activity like poetry is that it doesn’t always show up just because I want it. When the inspiration hits, I’ll write another poem, but not until then.

I’m a big-time planner. Whether it’s the big project at work or an upcoming vacation, I tend to line out each of the steps well in advance. Even though I’ve failed to stick with many of my creative project plans, I seem to keep making them as well.

Even so, when it comes to my creative process, I try to consistently throw away my plan when the muse leads me in another direction. That’s not always easy, but it is wise.

Go Straight For Inspiration

Maybe the real wisdom would be to plan to be inspired. Instead of planning the creative project, what if I set up my day to seek out inspiration. Then again, one of the joys of the muse is being surprised by it. So that’s not really a planful thing either.

When I am open to inspiration, creativity flows. Awe is the key. Whenever I see the world through the eyes of awe, my muse kicks in. And the process of planning does not lead me to awe.

Creative Juices

How about awe instead of creative project planning?

For every moment I spend with my imagination, I have a chance for it to become artwork. Waiting for the artful juices to flow just because I made a plan is just a waste of time.

So, I chase my creative projects by being awe-full. When I am in touch with this expectant way of perceiving the world, I am inspired. And that is what makes creativity thrive.

As always, I’d love to hear about your creativity and how it intersects with planning … or doesn’t. Thanks for reading and responding!

3 thoughts on “Why Your Creative Project Never Turns Out the Way You Plan”

  1. Geez, everything about your post hits home, Stan, lol! I’ve so many saved drafts of posts, oh well, you know what I mean And have to agree, when open to wonder of our world, our lives, there’s so much that springs forth. Then I make plans to expand on that – yeah, that’s the planning trip again But I do think those eventually aborted projects serve their purpose too. I realize more and more it’s like tilling the soil. Still need the rain, even if I have the seeds. Still need time to soak in the sun and feel the need to reach toward it. So I think our time planning isn’t wasted; just a little spinning the bottle til the real thing comes along ❤️

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