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Get Out of Jail Free

Get Out Of (Internal) Jail Free Card

When I was young, we played the game Monopoly. The special deck of cards that guided our movement around the board included a “get out of jail free” card. This is one of those times in life when we may need that sort of card dealt to us. With the pandemic and the lockdown and jobs in jeopardy and so much more, we are likely to be stressed. And under stress, we may judge ourselves harshly. Wouldn’t it be better to let ourselves go free from those negative internal voices?

Jail This

If you’re anything like me, you may easily go to the place of judging yourself harshly. Maybe you’ve gained some weight. Or perhaps you just feel unmotivated. It’s so easy to feel bad about these. But that won’t get you anywhere.

Today, I was supposed to be posting some new music. But it’s not quite ready. Normally, I’d be very upset about missing my own deadline. But maybe not this time.

Hopefully, that new music will be ready for you to hear by next week. This time, I’ve decided not to see missing this goal as a failure. Instead, I’ve decided to give myself a “get out of jail free” card.

Card This

And, for fun or motivation, I’m providing you with your very own card, too. Now, without any guilt, you can let yourself off the hook for something you thought you needed to measure up to. What’s the thing you get out of “jail” free for?

Grab this download — Get out of jail free card — and print it out if you will enjoy having this card in physical form. It’s going to be fun getting out of our internal jail … free! What will you do with your freedom while you’re staying home?

2 thoughts on “Get Out Of (Internal) Jail Free Card”

  1. I was planning on going to visit my 11 grandchildren in Virginia this spring. Looking like that isn’t going to happen. So that is what I would use my card for.

    1. Oh dear. Yes, we are missing our grandsons and other family members so much, so I understand. Glad you can give yourself this gift.

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