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Fearless – Can We Really Be Unafraid?

There is plenty to fear. With stories of death and stress all around us, we may need to reach for fearlessness. But can we actually achieve it?

Fear Is Good

Of course, fear is an emotion that in a best-case scenario can help keep us safe. It’s a feeling that can modulate our human behavior in ways that keep us away from danger. Sometimes, it’s about staying away from something that can actually hurt us. Other times, we avoid a situation that’s simply unknown. Being afraid helps us to remember to adapt in order to be safe. There is enough about fear that’s healthy so we don’t need to seek being fearless.

But there are other times when our fears are unnecessary. They simply invade our bodies at the wrong time and we react with those safety adaptations though they are not needed.

Stupid Fears

Face Mask Flags - image from UnSplash

Recently, I’ve seen attacks on people who wear cloth masks to avoid the COVID-19 virus. The essence of this attack is that the mask-wearing is all about fear. While wearing a cloth mask is about protection, it’s not about my own fear of dying. To protect that, I need you to wear a mask (and it needs to be over your nose as well as your mouth).

So, my mask-wearing is a way of honoring the other people I’ll be near. If I am in proximity to you, don’t you think it would be wise for me to protect you in case I’ve unknowingly contracted the virus? Well, I do think that’s wise. And even if it’s not wise, it is the kind thing to do.


So, I’ve been thinking about fear. Watching the news of this pandemic play out, I can see the fear interlaced with the grief. It’s only natural that we are afraid. After all, this virus has infected and killed millions of people.

I’m fairly sure that there is no way for we human beings to be fearless — meaning fear-free. Being afraid may rescue us from dangers. But still, I decided to meander into the imaginings of being unafraid. And here is what came out.

Thanks for listening. Wishing you safety and health!

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